I cant read squares "■■■■■■■■■■■■■■"


I keep seeing squares as text and I don’t know why. I’m using chrome. pls help

example: HERE
"First before you can use this mod, you need ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. This mod is basically a modified vehicle shop from here."


Essential-Mode is what is behind those squares… The forum admins made the word blacklisted and turns them all into squares for some reason… Its pretty annoying tbh…


k, awesome. appreciate the help. That is annoying. how would you find out what they are though?


No I did not, the forum administrators did.


Oh sorry, I edited my reply.


if the admins are so butt hurt of people trying to use ES coming on the forums and discord why dont they make a seperate section for ES and direct all related traffic there. i know they are trying to integrate sql so ES isnt needed but until then those admins in question need to get their PMS under control.


As someone here on the forum is butthurt by all the help requests cluttering the forum.


then give it a seperate subsection to direct related content,
idk why that is a problem


its obviously very popular and from what i can tell its the best option available right now so i guess i’m just confused.


It doesn’t deserve it’s own section, it’s not difficult to use or setup, but the 70% of the community that use it have never written a line of code before.


It doesn’t deserves a own Section, because this forum is about FiveM!, not about ES-Mode.


I think it may be a bit higher than 70% :sweat_smile:


exactly so give it it’s own subsection where it wont clutter the forum why is that so hard to understand instead of being on a nerd high horse? ES mode is the ONLY option for noobs unless your being a prick and hoarding better options let the dude share his work that people obviously want, need, and use!


ES mode will not get its own section. As mentioned above, this is the FiveM forum, not the ES mode forum. The OP’s question has been answered, therefore I am locking the topic.