I cant find the fivem data application data folder


I had an issue right away so i deleted everything associated with fivem on my computer and now everytime i try and reinstall it it says " FiveM is already installed. You should launch it through the shortcut in the Start menu. But since i deleted everything I dont have that file anymore.


Check your main drive/users/(your pc username)/local/appdata/FiveM

Anything there?


No, there is nothing anywhere on my pc anymore that has anything to do with FiveM.


can someone help me i cant find my application folderand idk how to get it


if you have windows type in Cortana or right click on the windows key then search FiveM once you find that right click on FiveM then click open file location after that you want to look up FiveM again then make sure there is nothing else with the name of FiveM, and make sure there is nothing in your downloads folder, hope this helped :grinning:


This is the application data: C:\Users(your name)\AppData\Local\FiveM\FiveM.app


way to revive a 7 month old post.


that not only makes no sense because it has nothing to do with fivem but do people not look at the dates of when topics where made or last posted on or read the last few comments?


Please stop bringing up ancient technical support topics, if you have the same issue, then make a new topic!