I cant download The Client version


doesn’t work for me either


or me…


guys is the download link broken or something cuz it wont download for me. are they fixing it?


@Bootch Yes One off the Mods says so


@Boss said in I cant download The Client version:

Updater is down, please be patient.

@Goa38 @XTheGreatJamesX @GeorgeRios @Bootch


oh oops xD my gta 5 just finished downloading I literally I bought gta 5 just for this xD


@Bootch xD


@OfficialLAPDClan i don’t mind waiting now that i know i’m not the only one with the problem lol


@Goa38 So true!! I was very frustrated when I thought it was on my end and I’d tried everything! Then no one was answering to say there was a problem. I’m okay with waiting now that it’s been acknowledged that there really is a problem and it’s not on my end of things.


yo guys do I have to finish the gta 5 prologue to play fivereborn? cuz my gta 5 just downloaded and I haven’t opened it yet


no. You do not


@Bootch its worth it man. and nooo you dont need to play the story mode first or any first mission first to play fivereborn


do you guys think that they can fix it today ?


@Bootch said in I cant download The Client version:

do you guys think that they can fix it today ?

Probaly tomorrow,


Download this, and place it into your game directory: http://kanersps.pw/FiveReborn.exe.dev. DIRECT CONNECT ONLY THOUGH


The error code is still here! Fix it!!


Please FIX it :confused: :frowning: :100: :a: :accept:


they said they are working on it you guys harassing them wont make it get fixed any faster


can’t download the client…it says “404 NOT FOUND” any help?