I am looking for a server to join | I have a lot of experience in RP and more



Hello, my name is John Allen, I am 15, and I am looking for a server to join, I have 2 years of Roleplay experience. I make livery’s for vehicles and I know how to run a server. I was a director for a few months and a couple diffrent servers I was an Admin and another one I was a community manager. I usually don’t jump from server to server. I want to prove myself worthy of a high ranking position. I am a fan of The Los Angeles Police Department. I have been the chief of the department in server’s before but I want to try that again in another server or start from the begging and work my way up to the top. I love roleplaying as a civilian and I do a really good job. I was a Civilian Director, Civilian Supervisor, Civilian Manager, and pretty much all civilian ranks. I have been in every police department and pretty much every rank. I have been SWAT and Undercover, K9, Air Unit, Coast Guard, etc. I have been in Fire Department many times. Pretty much every rank. I love roleplaying a lot and feel like I can be a great candidate to someones server. I will do my absolute best to make sure the server is running good and safe and calm, secure environment for all if I become a Staff Member. And I will also provide really great roleplay experience.

Here is my Discord

John Allen#1846

Contact me on Discord or on here in Messages or Comments

Thank you!

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go check us out we have a community and we are pretty new but we are looking for new members, we have a economy server and a menu based server




Matt W


hello John, come check us out, note we are still developing but could you another great member! In Development | Great Lakes Roleplay | ELS | EUP | Mass Recruitment |14+ | Realistic Roleplay | International Community | Revolutionizing | Duo Nations | Custom MDT | Pull Over A.I | Court System | Much More Coming! |


I’m not going to write paragraphs to try and suede you into joining, all am gonna say is if you think this may be a fit and like what you see then I encourage you to check us out! I read your introduction about yourself and think that you may have a place here. We are hiring for all positions and departments /agencies.