I am in need of a developer asap



I am the owner od san andreas elite rp and we are brand new I am in need of a developer that can run the server at his computer and will get the server up and running we will make it worth your time and we will take care of the rest we just need a fulltime developer so we can get up and running here is the link to our discord let me know https://discord.gg/Ucu62c my name is james cramton


im looking for one also i have RealGamingRP


Hey im a developer, Whats your discord


Please be aware that you cannot give your developer(s) money for his services as per the Terms of Service https://fivem.net/terms


hiya dude we are looking for a dev if you are intrested would you like to join us our discord it is https://discord.gg/gZFepGn thank you for your time my discord name is turbosnail


Not sure if you still need a developer for your server but if so feel free to message DM on discord here: The Straw#3635


im also looking for a good dev to add cars and remove ai and stuff like that here is my discord https://discord.gg/eMS62u


Invalid Discord link can you get a new one?