How would a person be able to launch the server key through the command prompt?



Hello, I’m currently trying to be able to make a Five M server but as the line states you must have a licence key while I do in the server.cfg. Now, where it states to start it through the command prompt, how would I be able to do that? Thank you if an answer to solve my issues come up.


I am a bit confused on what you are asking. The new key system you just go into the server.cfg and set the key using

sv_licenseKey "KEY GOES HERE"

at the bottom of the config file. Then you just start the server normally.


you dont need to do it through the command prompt if you are putting it into your server config, its just stating that if that dont work you can alternatively use the command prompt.


I mean that I’ve done that but its not working at all. On the “Fatal Error” It states as well, you can use the command prompt to start it. While I would like to know how to start it with the command prompt.


if its not working then you are probably not executing your config file or it was not entered correctly.


I know someone else had the same problem. I just want to ask How to run it through the command prompt


Go to and go through the setting up a dedicated server.


I’ve set up everything. I’ve as well seen another fourm about the server key not being reconized through the server.cfg. I would just like to know How to run it through the command prompt. The other fourm stated he ran it through that way, I just want to know How to run it that way.


… The ONLY REASON your KEY is not being recognized is

  1. You don’t have a valid key.
  2. You don’t have it setup right in the server.cfg.
  3. You don’t have the server.cfg launching with the server.

other then that you launch your server using command prompt

YOURSERVERPATH\run.cmd +exec server.cfg


run +exec server.cfg

Other then that I have NEVER heard of running a key through the cmd prompt to launch the server as its supposed to be in the SERVER.CFG file which LAUNCHES when you start the server PROPERLY.


When you stated, the server.cfg isnt launching w/ the server, explain.
Here is the fourm I menchoned earlier. FiveM Server Help With Server Keys


he pretty much well told you in his post what to do to be sure the server.cfg is actually being launched.


I don’t understand. How would I launch the server.cfg.?



Thank you so much, I now have my FiveM Server running!


I apologize if I was getting a bit frustrated was just having a bit of a hard time with some code I have been writing.

Glad to see you got it working. Have Fun!


GMB what is your server, Ill come and check it out!


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