How to use modkit ID


I have tried searching around for an answer to this for a while now. Although, I can only find older posts about it.

My question is if there is a good way of streaming vehicles with it’s own tuning parts, because my issue is that the parts won’t load in and I believe that this has to do with all the modkit IDs being used by vanilla vehicle models. The older posts says you have to use certain IDs to make it work and not conflict with other models, but when using the correct 8bit form of ID, I can’t seem to find an ID which is not already used by one of the DLCs.

I really appreciate any help and feedback I can recieve on this.


what i do is just double the number for example, if the original id is 196 i change to 1960 to make it work


IDs go up to 1000 now.


Oh that’s great. I haven’t tried alot of numbers over 256 and below 1000. I only tried like 1008 because many guides said that this was a good ID to use, didn’t work for me though.

But thanks for your help, I’ll try out some IDs and report back later :slight_smile:



Can’t seem to get it working. I’m not sure if it has to do with the ID or maybe some other issue though. Any other ideas?


are the modkit ID value and name the same in vehicle.meta and carvariation.meta for each vehicle?


I got it working now. I do believe that when I renamed my vehicle model at first, I forgot to change the name somewhere in the meta files. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


The carvariations.meta has to point to the kit in the carcols.meta. The metas are like a big chain. If you break a link somewhere the vehicles won’t work properly.


Yea I understood this. Must be a line somewhere I didn’t see where I forgot to change the name when editing the name of the model. Thank you :slight_smile: