How to upload PoliceMod to a FiveM server?


Hello !

I don’t find any new topics about this, sorry for this.

I’m kinda noob into FiveM, but i’ve already setup a server, and my friends are able to connect to me.

We would like to add PoliceMod or something like that to our FiveM private server, is that possible?

i’ve read a lot of topics but nothing new, i’m not sure that PoliceMod is still supported.

Please help us :slight_smile:


What do you mean policemod. Like the .asi and .dll file mod?


Thanks for the fast reply.

We just want to play this mod : with my friends on my private server.

We already tried LSPDFR with MPCOOP mod but lot of desync…:frowning:

Any idea?

As i said, i’m kinda noob to mods into GTAV


There’s no way to make those mods server side. The best thing I can say for police mods is to make a community for police and setup some scripts like handcuffs and stuff from the releases on the forums and have someone roleplay as your criminal.


There is absolutely NO “packs” or something like that to upload into my FiveM server ?

If we can’t play PoliceMod or LSPDFR, there is maybe another mod (fire?ems?) that’s working on FIVEM?


They are released scripts that you can put on your server one by one… There are no packs that you can just paste and play. You actually have to setup your server with the scripts. Most scripts have tutorials on how to install them into your resources.


Yeah ok i get it.

But, does some scripts got callouts?

I mean, there no reason to install a scripp for cuffs for example, without callouts…we won’t arrest some peds for nothing xD.

Thanks for help.


No fivem is not made that way. If you want callouts you will need to learn Lua and make them yourself.


There is a LOT of videos on youtube with guys playing more than 10 players with LSPDFR or Policemod.

I don’t understand how they do that, and can’t find tutorials.


They install them on the client which I have no idea how to do that. But there is no way to have that running server side.


im tired to install this [Release] Cops FiveM V1.4.2 (01/08/2018)