[How-to] Stream vehicles/models from server to client


Unfortunately due to FiveM limitations the file is unable to be added unless changes are made to FiveM.

How to add Rims

ok I have followed this correctly and still no luck I have deleted my server caches and aslo still no luck and don’t ask if I have two underscore before resource because I do here is how my server is set out if someone can help me that would be awesome

in the emergency folder I have two things the stream folder and an empty __resource.lua file like said

in this stream folder I have folders like shown in this picture: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VhnFK5hWxeYbGUrvCCJrXBrNHDZsGH1M/view?usp=sharing

than in those folders I will have all the files I think are required so in the ambulance folder I have ambulance.yft, ambulance.ytd and ambulance_hi.yft please help this is the same with all the other folders but different names

Note: I did change the file names like for so ambulance.yft use to be firetruck.yft if this does effect it please let me know


Can i some how, get the .ydd and .ytd files, or does i need .ytf, for it will work?


I’ve done everything very carefully, tried your method and using an addon car installer. Every time I go to spawn them in vMenu, its says make sure content is streaming correctly. Any ideas?