How to stop server



Hi I’m running Ubuntu on Linux and via rcon the quit command does not work. How can I restart the server. I also have access to the terminal.

Is there a resource I can stop to stop the server, or a cmd?


I also don’t know but I do control + C to kill it

infact I also use crontab to get the pid of my the fxserver and then kill it every 6th hour.


When you’re in the terminal/server console just use CTRL + C to stop the script.

The quit you mentioned is only meant for clients to be used in their console to quit the game, it doesn’t actually stop the server.


yeah its strange though, because I use screen on Ubuntu and if I do screen -list it says theres no screens (but how is the server running). I also uninstalled and reinstalled screen. So I can’t ctrl C it.


The way I usually do it is like this:

cd /directory/to/the/server/here
screen -S fxserver
bash ./ +exec server.cfg

To detach the screen, press:


Whenever you want to return to the screen, type this:

screen -r fxserver

to close the server press:


Note this will not terminate the screen session, hence why there shouldn’t appear any screens if you type:

screen -ls

If you want to close this screen type:


If your screens are somehow messed up, try restarting your VPS.


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