[How-to] Setup FXServer with MySQL and Essentialmode4


I have got a problem with connecting my server with database…
Im using as plugins essential, mysql-async, es_admin and esplugin_mysql…
The problem is… what i have to type into essentialmode config… to accept my mysql connection?


im having a problem with not being able to set my permission level through command getting error with citizen files.???idk how to fix plzz help…


hi im new to mysql im having this prob :

any idea ?


This was answered literally a few posts above yours, please read the topic and posts before replying to them.


Hello everyone i got this problem on my server
I got the newest version of everything and it loads up correctly when i press start on my server
but when i join and huge error list appears and it seemse like it wont load any of the scripts

If anyone could help me via discord or teamveiwer i would be happy, im frustrated and tired, i spend 2 days searching for fix, but i think its out of my knownledge

Thanks alot for all replies all help is a +1 from me!

here is my setup.


I have exactly the same error. idk if this was caused by a new version or something like that. Im currently trying to figure out what the problem is.
Found the problem. I needed to add sslmode=none to the connection


Version mismatch, you are currently not using the newest stable version of essentialmode. Please update
Help me


getting this erors, idk how i fix?


anyone knows any good software for mysql on ubuntu?