How to reset your FiveM account / profile? pls help



Im in need, due to a major bug that wont stop accuring, to reset my account.
by that im mean to get a new “player id” so a server wont recognize me as the old account.
this is now for joining a server again or anything but to maybe remove the bug that even the server founder and admin cant help me with.
if anyone can recoment me an way of getting a new account or reseting my old one pls reply.
PS: also want to know if ALL the data fiveM in using in stored in the or if it intigates something in the Gta 5 folders.


Your player ID should change each time you join a server.


dude. but it still knows that its me. have you evern read what my problem is. the player id your talking of is the secundary id for admins to work with.


FiveM stores nothing in GTA 5 directory.

It seems to me that your attempting to ban evade. No new “player id” will fix a bug. And the server more than likely uses your steam and game license identifier. Meaning, without buying another copy of gta and a new steam profile you wont be getting a new “player id”

If you can join other servers with out getting the “major bug” then its the server you are trying to play thats broken. If you get it on all servers then post what the issue is on the forum.


Lol, worst attempt to unban yourself ever…




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