How to put Tags for Server?


So, I have seen many servers having server tags on their homepage to make it easier to find the server, and I always wondered on how to exactly do that. Is it some script? Or is it included in some patreon for FiveM? Or is it addable through a main resource used by FiveM?


This was answered earlier today.

Have a look at the server.cfg at


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What about like where it says Website and Teamspeak how would i add those to my server info\


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I was wondering the same thing I would like to put the link to my discord on there , any help on this. I see the option for the server banner Im just not sure are we supposed to add it like a tag but something like Discord: etc?

any help you be appreciated.


sets Discord discordaddy
sets Website url

You can set whatever you want.


Thanks alot so something like this?


Pretty sure it has to be inside quotations

Edit: and before the sentence put #


No, putting a # before the line makes the server ignore it…


Thanks for that information,

Here is what I have but doesnt seem to show up on the server info

Thanks for all the help :slight_smile:


Ok so got it to work, Thank you all

Here is what i have for those looking for it …