How to preload models during loading


I’d like to see your citizen.log file if that’s possible. I’m using the script with add-on vehicles as well.


Here is my crash id.

[Window Title]
Error lactose-carbon-tango

[Main Instruction]

A lactose-carbon-tango caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the FiveM developers. If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details below.

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: fivem.exe+F0A585
Report ID: si-218ce1e4f5804e4b9a7835a67d14b4e6 (use Ctrl+C to copy)

When ever the resource is started and present it crashes everyone’s game.

No errors are appearing in the console either.

Edit. For some odd reason it works on my windows test server with just me but on my official server it crashes everyone.


Heres my citizenFX.log if that is what you are after.

CitizenFX.log (35.2 KB)


If I read this correctly, the vehicle loader wasn’t even initialized.


seemingly one of the cars you’re using has no matching handling.meta entry.


Is definitely being started… may something be wrong with my server.cfg. Does the vehicle loader have to be started at a certain order?

start mapmanager
start chat
start spawnmanager
start sessionmanager
start fivem
start hardcap
start rconlog
start playernames

start vMenu
start vBasic
start vAnnouncer

start tutorial
start Fax-Core
start deleteveh
start playerlist
start roles
start xnLoad-master
start servername
start noturbulence
start ServerId
start FlightInstruments
start InoTechRadar
start report
start discord
start afterburners
start onlinetime
start mysql-async
start JoinTransition
start planesmoke
start uptime
start PointCrouchProne

start a310
start a319
start a320
start a321neo
start a333
start a343
start a340
start a350
start a380
start b707
start 737200
start 739
start b757
start 767300
start 773er
start 788
start afo
start sofia
start 747sp
start lcf
start sca
start 748
start 8q400
start 208
start e145
start e145rx
start emb195
start il76
start il96
start saab2000
start tu95
start bac
start ghawar
start dc10
start spirit
start f117
start airportftruck
start aft
start u2s 
start u2r
start kj2000
start kc10 
start kc767
start blackbird
start avro
start p3
start xb70
start md80
start emb100
start dc915
start catalina
start tfft
start su25ff
start mq9
start f16tb
start f16demo
start f4blu
start aemsa
start ase
start ase2
start asp
start tupi
start 377guppy
start shuttlea
start mana37
start psp_i8
start me262
start snowbird
start spitfire
start t4a
start l1011
start tbltug
start cargoloader
start cargotrailer1
start airtug2
start atcheli
start ha420
start bagtrailer1
start bagtrailer2
start 741
start e190
start dc10f
start e4b
start f35b
start wp3
start tu22m3
start atr
start e2d
start ho229
start f22a
start f6f5
start sf50vision
start nuket
start admin2
start kc130j
start airbus
start tsg
start rafale
start uscgair1
start uscgair2
start uscgland1
start cg130h
start cg130j
start ec130v
start falcon7x
start emb120
start emb175
start emb390fedex
start e1000
start b17
start p51d
start p40e
start a10a
start yf22
start kate
start bf109e3
start mig31
start harrier2
start flankerf

start mhx
start whitehawk
start uh1mash
start uh1nasa
start haitun
start sh3

start defender



On topic: No, it’s completely stand-alone and doesn’t require any other resource. As Ferrum said, the error suggests that one of your vehicles does not have a matching handling.meta.

Off topic: Am I seeing correctly that you have a seperate resource for every addon vehicle? I’d suggest cutting that down to just a few categorized resources.

To see if it is my resource that causes your issue, remove the start vehicleLoader from the server.cfg and run your server. If it doesn’t load, you know that it is not my resource that causes it.