[How To] Player name over head (vRP)


Does anyone know how to remove the name of the player that is in the head? In vRP?



But doesn’t that removes everything? Because I’m with a separate script that shows the player ID and when he’s talking


Well you should edit that scrip then to remove those features. My script is only designed to stop most of the client mod menu’s that people use.


Try this

The magnifying glass is a magical tool on the forums, try to use it.


That’s what I use, the problem that seems to conflict with another, the name flashes depending on the angle.
And yes, I use the magnifying glass until I come to the conclusion that I have to create a topic


but this ID is the ID of when the player enters the server, or is the ID that is saved in the DB with the player information?


ID saved from the DB


You can also try this but instead of removing ID (like I did) remove name or add ID to the server.cfg.