How to open multiple servers?


I need to open multiple fivem servers


Simply make another config file, with a different port and you’ll be good


So… Run.bat?


No, another config file. Probably server.cfg. So you’ll have server1.cfg and server2.cfg. Then you change the port by modifying the endpoint tcp and udp variables.

# Run on 30120
endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp ""
# Run on 30121
endpoint_add_tcp ""
endpoint_add_udp ""


It would also be worth organising your config files / resources so they all use the same resources. I might make a [How-To] Because people seem to not care how shit is organised and how you can use a shared config for all of your servers.

For example:
You have server1-server.cfg and then you have server2-server.cfg then you might have shared-resources.cfg. So you can put all your ‘start [resource]’ into the shared so you don’t have to put them in multiple configs. You then, if you wanted to, set up specific ace permissions on either all the servers through the shared-resources.cfg or on certain servers through the separate cfg’s.

It would be easier for you and I feel like you should do this. What do ya think about this?


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