How to Merge splitted .ydd files? (OpenIV)


I’m trying to stream a customized ped into my server, i’m using Steve Harris (from GTA V) as model with editted textures on photoshop. My issue is that “.ydd” files are all splitted and i want to know how to merge them. The “.ydr” files also was splitted but i was able to merge them easily. Anyone can help me with that?

If anybody knows how to stream that without merging files will be useful as well.


You will need to use Zmodeler3, unfortunately it is not as simple to just ‘merge’ them.


@J.Manlet Do you know some tutorial for that? I’m a newbie in regards with Zmodeler3.


Search ‘how to create a GTA v ped in zmodeler3’ on YouTube, there are a few videos by zmodeler themselves. Don’t buy a license until you Have done your research!


I’ll take a look at it. Thank you.