How to load mapeditor xmls into your server using ymaps



First of all, im not very experienced at making tutorials so ill get straight to the point.

MapEditor 2 YMap Converter

  1. Download the converter and put it in a folder somewhere.

  2. get a map editor xml file and put it in the same folder as the converter.

  3. Open the converter and open the xml by clicking file then open or just do Ctrl+O.

  4. Press the Calc. Extents button.

  5. Press export and save the ymap.xml into the folder with the converter.

  6. Download and run OpenIV.

  7. Click on File then create an archive and place it in the converter folder.

  8. Drag the ymap.xml file into openiv

  9. OpenIV should convert the ymap.xml files into proper ymaps.

  10. Drag the new ymaps back into the converter folder.

  11. make a new resource and put the ymap files into stream.

  12. Put this into _resource.lua

  13. install the resource into your server then run it.

  14. Your done! You should now be able to see your new objects.

Edit: The only downside is that converted maps will not have any vehicles, peds or teleporters in them. Sometimes if the map has doors, the doors will be static and wont move. Apparently the door issue will be fixed in a future version of the converter.

Edit: Code-walker can also be used to convert menyoo maps soon.

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This is exactly what I needed.


Thanks to @Soloman_N for the awesome converter!

Btw this also works with menyoo maps too!


I tryed but couldn’t make the map load, this is compatible with fx server?

the script that goes in resource.lua is always the same?


you will have to change the manifest in the resource.lua to the latest version which you can find easily

How can I add this Custom Map into FiveM?

Is anyone else having this issue when clicking the gostbin link:
Paste noom2 was not found.


So when i try this, ME2YM says Failed to read file could i possibly have some help with this?


did you get it working, because i cant…


Please update the link at the step 12 ! I can’t finish the tutorial !


Hey, i used the resource.lua from another map, and it worked for me.

Put this into _resource.lua

resource_manifest_version '77731fab-63ca-442c-a67b-abc70f28dfa5'

this_is_a_map 'yes'

Also, make a new resource folder inside resources, and inside it put the _resource.lua above and make a new folder named “stream” with the .ymap file inside.

So it would look like this:
This is a new resource
and inside stream:
This is inside stream folder

Then add start (resource name) to server.cfg and you’re good to go!


Ok thx I try this the next week-end !


Can anyone Explain step 7 better plz?


when i do this step - Click on File then create an archive and place it in the converter folder.
i get this -

and i do not know what to do after that now any suggestions please?


Click on the ‘—> RPF Archive’ sign with your mouse… :slight_smile:.


I followed the guide, loaded the resources, disabled fivem resource, but now i’m stuck at Initializing Session


what about the objectslist.ini that gos with the map ?



The link on the step 12 doesnt work, please upload a new one, i am new to FiveM scripting.


The link for the resource is expired


@RawSkills @Kareem_Abusaad

Put this in __resource.lua:

resource_manifest_version ‘f15e72ec-3972-4fe4-9c7d-afc5394ae207’
this_is_a_map ‘yes’