How to learn to programming scripts from scratch in Lua, C# or JavaScript?



Hello! I am new to the FiveM platform and I have already created my server but I would like to add things like jobs or missions to earn money, a registration panel and login a database that keeps the profile of registered players. But I do not have knowledge in programming or databases, I would like to learn but I do not know where to start, since I have read the FiveM Wiki, the Resources, the discussions but it has become a tangle for me about programming since I do not understand concepts as “Native” and game features functions. I speak Spanish but I can understand some English. I would like to learn how to create resources to help in servers as a developer but I still do not have knowledge. It would be ideal a way to learn from scratch (for begginers), well, I hope an answer, thanks.


I started with the Lua docs and was writing simple code and putting it into the Lua DEMO (console) to see how loops, functions, arguments, tables, etc… works.

Then I started matching peoples code to the things I learned in the docs. I learned callback functions last though as that was the hardest for me to understand out of all things.


Hey man, I can help you!