How to Import DLC, Biker and Import / Export


Hi, I would like to know how I can do to import the Biker DLC and Import / Export. Thank you for your reply.

Thanks You men


It’s already in there. You have to spawn the vehicles by name as the names haven’t been added to the trainer lists


Yes but I would like to have the biker buildings, warehouses and stuff like his


Use an ipl loader to load them in


Ok but how can you tell me more info


Just search for bob74’s ipl loader, i believe that loads the most recent stuff


Agree and after I have this ipl I do what?


its a resource, you just put it on your server and then thats it


It does not work.

I would like to have these buildings


you have to find them, theyre under the map under the docks.


Do you have a location?


Unfortunately, no i do not have the exact location, but i know they are under the docks


What is a Dock ??