[How-to] How To Stream Replace Weapons


Hello, This is a tutorial on how to stream custom weapons to your FiveM server.

This is to replace the weapons in game this is not for add-ons

I’m gonna use this weapon for example https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/awp-from-cs-go-animated and the normal gun inside this pack

So first thing you is make a folder what ever you want to call it and put it in your server resources. Then inside that folder make a stream folder. Then make a text document and then click on that click save as and click all files and name it __ resource.lua (2X__) Then put all the files for the gun in the stream folder and in the server.cfg put start (what you named your resource)

Make stream folder

Make a __resource.lua file

Drag weapon files in to stream folder

Installing an Addon Weapon to FiveM Server

How do you create weapons I want to create a paint ball gun for the server


I don’t know how to actually create weapons but you can try to look up for a paintball gun.


i have a paintball gun but its a replacement for the pistol 50


You know how to do it now?


what do you put in the lua. file