How to get op-framework used in Legacy Roleplay #3 Indian

Where i will get op-framework which used in Legacy Roleplay servers here 1 server ip and port for test

You won’t “get” it, OP-Framework is a custom framework made by the developers of Legacy Roleplay (i think) which i’m pretty sure is private

Actually i know they are use esx and es resources and they modified it.

What is have said was my opinion and like i said im pretty sure its a private framework even if it is just a modified version of es.

Ok thank you!

I don’t know how or why, but their server is identical to nopixel, every single bit of it. They probably dumped and stole np files, in which case they should be blacklisted?

seems fishy

Either that or they copied NoPixel. The only way to steal someone’s framework is to hack into their server/github. Cache decrypters will only give you the client side portion of the mod.

I can confirm nothing is stolen. A lot of the ideas for the framework come directly from Nopixel, and a lot of the UIs has been re-created based on Nopxiel’s designs.

It’s not identical, just very similar. You’ll be able to find flaws with them if you compare well enough.

I retract my previous statement. Although it’s just my opinion one should take inspiration and create their own identity, instead of trying to match theirs with an already existing one. Your server is not really being unique in that regard, in my honest humble opinion.

Are you a scripter on that server?

Hes the owner.

Yes, I am

Hi there, is a modified version of EssentialMode or ESX used?


No, there’s not. All written from scratch.