How to get Names from doors?


I need an information, please. I wonna close some doors with the cellscript. I use this Wiki to find the doors https://wiki.■■■■■■■■■■■/index.php?title=Doors and to get the names of the models

But I got no doornames for Vanilla Unicorn Dress Door (Opened by default) and no for Beeker’s Garage Paleto Bay Doors, can someone tell me how I can get - maybe a tool from gta 5 mods - the doors?



what doors u need? i uselly use Map Editor to find the door name. i use it to lock doors like Unicorn and other stuff. im trying to find out what the IAA building Screenshot doors names are but no luck. if u want the names for Unicorn doors i can help u out.

– Vanilla Unicorn DOORS
Main door = { [“objName”] = “prop_strip_door_01”,
Changingroom door = { [“objName”] = “v_ilev_door_orange”,
Door behind curtens = { [“objName”] = “v_ilev_door_orangesolid”
Office door = { [“objName”] = “v_ilev_roc_door2”,
Back door from office = { [“objName”] = “prop_magenta_door”,


damn…how you finde that door names please it works fine thx!


Map editor down load it to Story mode Gta V and start it up and u have the doors name there and yeah tahts how but now im trying to find out other doors that not exist anyware pain in the ass.


I search actually the objName of the doors of the Hospital (in coords x around 250)
Please help me