[How-To] FX Server Setup For Dummies


  1. First you need to create an FX server, follow these rules created by the FiveM team: https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Running_FXServer

  2. Set up essentialmode: [Release] EssentialMode base or use a framework like ESX:[Release] [WIP] [ESX] [Base] or vRP: [Release] vRP Framework or spend weeks creating your own framework.

  3. You will also probably need MySQL-Async: [Release] MySQL Async Library - v2.0.2 Fxserver too

  4. If you want custom cars, textures, maps, weapons, etc. then go to GTA5MODS: https://www.gta5-mods.com/
    Learn to stream addons from here: [How-To] Add-on Vehicles (Detailed)

  5. Lastly if you want scripts, search FiveM Forums: https://fivem.net/ or get a developer also using FiveM Forums: https://fivem.net/ by creating a topic under Server Bazaar (But make sure it’s under FiveM’s Terms of service) https://runtime.fivem.net/fivem-service-agreement-2.pdf

Thank You for reading the guide to building an FX Server For Dummies!


This is a guide, yet all it is is a bunch of different links.


what, no.

or just, like, use none?

like, no?

except it wasn’t a guide. more like a link to some frameworks and other tutorials?


can you help me when i join on my Server ist´s a failed:Failed to conecting to server after 3 attemps can you help me i use Vrp Dunkos version 6.2


Look at my add-on car tutorial (the one you used). Take notes…


I disagree with everyone saying this is not helpful. I’m starting out and this was a good and simple starting place to give me an idea of what the server/frameworks do. I’ve done enough messing over the prior week to figure out how to setup fiveM and play one some servers to realize that the mods are not simple to add. So I thank you for this starting point.


The site linked in #1 is deprecated, and the site it redirects to doesn’t say anything about actually setting up FX_Server. Great guide Kappa pepeClap


Guide was created almost a year ago, using the wiki / docs would be able to provide you with the proper :spoon:feeding and :handshake: handholding you seem to need…

Great meme…kappa…pepehands?


I meant to write pepeClap


Also, I was only looking to reinstall the FXserver because of an odd issue in my test environment. I already have a full server stood up and running, which is at least 90% custom coded so… you know… flexes no big deal.

Don’t assume I need hand holding because I pointed out a major, guide breaking flaw on this webpage.


How does one have a full server standing up? Did you server grow legs… please explain how you scripted your legs. Please don’t flex too hard, your server is already broken if you feel the need to reinstall. Also, if you installed it properly the first time, you won’t need a guide… this isn’t a guide provided by the Collective - as the wiki / docs are, so your flaw is invalid.



I thought salty snails dried up and died?

But anyways, you know nothing of my issue with my test server (not production) so you can’t really speak on it. Not going to waste my time here anymore, but you should maybe fix the above guide instead of defending it.


Why fix the guide when the PROPER GUIDE is on the wiki… not a year old forum post by a random… You’re right, I know nothing about your issue with your test server that is 90% custom coded and stands up…but is down…because you say it’s broken?

Here, let me hold your hand young child, here is your tutorial.



how do i make my mic work