[How-To] FX Server Setup For Dummies


  1. First you need to create an FX server, follow these rules created by the FiveM team: https://wiki.fivem.net/wiki/Running_FXServer

  2. Set up essentialmode: [Release] EssentialMode base or use a framework like ESX:[Release] [WIP] [ESX] [Base] or vRP: [Release] vRP Framework or spend weeks creating your own framework.

  3. You will also probably need MySQL-Async: [Release] MySQL Async Library - v2.0.2 Fxserver too

  4. If you want custom cars, textures, maps, weapons, etc. then go to GTA5MODS: https://www.gta5-mods.com/
    Learn to stream addons from here: [How-To] Add-on Vehicles (Detailed)

  5. Lastly if you want scripts, search FiveM Forums: https://fivem.net/ or get a developer also using FiveM Forums: https://fivem.net/ by creating a topic under Server Bazaar (But make sure it’s under FiveM’s Terms of service) https://runtime.fivem.net/fivem-service-agreement-2.pdf

Thank You for reading the guide to building an FX Server For Dummies!


This is a guide, yet all it is is a bunch of different links.


what, no.

or just, like, use none?

like, no?

except it wasn’t a guide. more like a link to some frameworks and other tutorials?


can you help me when i join on my Server ist´s a failed:Failed to conecting to server after 3 attemps can you help me i use Vrp Dunkos version 6.2


Look at my add-on car tutorial (the one you used). Take notes…