How to detect when I point a gun to a npc?

Hi ^.^ can I have some help on this, I managed to create a ped and make it to walk towards a location.
But I want the ped to HandsUp and only move while I’m pointing a gun to him.

Side question, I did make the npc be networked with the NetworkRegister… functions, but how do I make animations to be networked as well? I research something Network Scenes but couldn’t understand.

thanks for any halp!

Use this native to find if they’re aiming at an entity.

No idea about the animation stuff, not messed aroun with anims much at all.

thanks love
I’m researching now how to network animations, i’m seeing some other topics with NetworkCreateSynchronisedScene but there’s no tutorial, anyone know a good resource to learn this?

Just trigger an event for everyone