[How-to] Change your servername's color


If anybody is interested in changing the color of their server name and you do not feel like using trial and error in order the get the colors you desire, the following special characters are supported for changing the color of server names within the “citmp-server.yml” file:

^0 is White
^1 is Red (#ff4444)
^2 is Green/Lime (#99cc00)
^3 is Orange (#ffbb33)
^4 is Blue (#0099cc)
^5 is Light Blue (#33b5e5)
^6 is Purple (#aa66cc)
^7 is White

The special characters are used within the "Hostname: " section of the file, and are used like so: ^1My ^2FiveReborn ^3Server
The above would change the server name to “My FiveReborn Server”, with “My” in Red, “FiveReborn” in Green/Lime and “Server” in Orange.

Here is an example of a server from the server list using these colors, and the corresponding special characters used in the server name:

alt text

In the “citmp-server.yml” file, this would look like: ^3MountiesGaming ^1Emergency ^4Services ^0[Whitelisted]

I hope I was able to help members who have been looking at and wondering how do do this.

Have fun with these,

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@kanersps @Auxi - Semi-related, When writing a /help command is there a way to start a new line?


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New FiveM server browser dosen’t use font colors anymore buddy. Although you can still use this post for changing your in game text to differerent colors.