How to change social club account in Five M


I used the rockstar account of a friend to be able to play on GTA RP the time I can buy the game but now that I buy the game I can not find the way to disconnect from his rockstar account from FiveM. so I have the same ID on the same server so that we can not play together.
How do I disconnect from five M thanks

Ps: I already try to uninstall and reinstall its not working.


FiveM doesn’t ‘bind’ to a social club account, so there’s no way to change your ‘social club account’. Try running steam in the background so your steam identifier will be used.


the problem is that when I installed CinqM for the first time I had to log into a social club account and I logged into my friend’s account.
Now I can not play on the same server as we use the same ID.


Uninstall/Reinstall social club launcher and check if that helps


it still does not disconnect me


I doubt that you can even change this tbh…


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