How to build a Log In screen?



Is there a way to create a screen to log in before connecting to my server? Any tips about player authentication or sign up process are very welcome.



Use a HTML interface and send it to lua, send it to the server to be authenticated, send true/false back to the client, allow them into the server.

The question is, why? The user likely has already had to sign into their Steam account, that’s all the authentication you need.


Thanks for the tip, James!

The problem I’m trying to solve is that I want to restrict access to my server. Let’s say someone is caught cheating, so I may want to ban its account for some time.

If I can use the Steam authentication, it would be even better, but I couldn’t find in the docs, unfortunately.

On the “playerConnecting” event, I do have the Steam nickname, but it can be changed for what I know… If I can grab some unique identifier for the account, I’d be all set.

Do you have any leads on this?



You can use the playerConnecting event and use then use local steamid = GetPlayerIdentifiers(source)[1] you can use this to query your database and check if the user is banned, the user cannot change their SteamID without using another Steam account.

You will probably want to query their IP address against your database too, it’s just another blockade in their way if they swap accounts.


Cool, this is what I’m looking for, then