[How-To] Add Vehicle Liveries


Due to popular demand, I’ve decided to publically release a video on how to install vehicle liveries for FiveM. Although it is incredibly simple, it dumbfounds many as to how you could accomplish this. FYI the video is kinda cringy :stuck_out_tongue:

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_roxwxj84aE

Have a great day!

How do I add Liveries?

i can do vehicle liveries for add ons that no problem…i just didnt know how to stream vanilla vehicle liveries as idk wher etf the files are in my server for the metas or anything


Elaborate on what you mean, a bit confused on whatcha mean.


So I followed the video and i only get a black car in game.


what model are you using?





Use a template to create the livery, save it as vehicle_sign_1, vehicle_sign_2, make sure it’s a png. Then import the image into the model file. Save it, there you go, change your livery with Lambda or Simple Trainer.