How to add mods to a FiveM Server


I am new to this stuff and want to do some rollplay with a friend of mine.
I just need some simple stuff in my server. (Some kind of Trainer to spawn stuff, Maby a map editor to place props and objects, and a skin changer to make custom skins like in GTA V Online.)
I tried adding some of those things to my server (Hosted on my PC) but didn’t come far. I have the server running fine. But non of the ‘plugins’ load. I probably didn’t install then the right way.

In my client I have the .asi files located here: FiveM\FiveM Application Data\plugins
In the server I tried making a plugins folder: FiveMServer\plugins
But I don’t think I got that right.

Is there a nice tutorial or some good text documentation?

Thanks for reading.

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Hi @ElectroGamez,

This can definitely be a challenge for new Hosts for 5m and we’ve all been there. This is the video I used to setup my server.

Adding Mods to the server will require a few things:

  1. Finding the Mods, Scripts, and Add-ins you desire to put into your server
  2. Adding these objects into the “RESOURCES” folder in the 5M server files
  3. Activating the resource in the “citmp-server.yml” file in the top level of cfx-server/
  4. ALWAYS delete your cache folder under cfx-server/ when adding or removing resources

There’s a lot of info out there on how to configure your server and add things, but you’re going to have to put in the time researching to achieve what you desire. I spent over 20 hours researching before actually installing and taking a stab at setting the server up.


  • Before adding in resources or editing files in the server, create a complete copy and save it somewhere like DropBox
  • When activating resources in the “citmp-server-yml” never use [Tab], instead ALWAYS use [SpaceBar].
  • If you load into the server and it crashes after adding new resources. Try it a few more times and if you’re still crashing remove that resource.
  • ALWAYS delete the cache folder when adding or removing resources or making changes within the server

Hope this helps,



Ok, so I got some stuff running on the server. But I am having some problem with finding a good Trainer. I tried installing one on my client but it didn’t work. (Just didn’t load). Have some tips?

(I made a Plugins folder on my client and added LambaMenu.asi)


Lambda is the main one most FiveReborn players use. It’s what we use and it’s works great.




  1. Inside your /fivem/fivem application data/ folder, create a /plugins/ folder
  2. Move the ‘LambdaMenu.asi’ file to: /fivem/fivem application data/plugins/
  3. Move the ‘lm-config.xml’ file to: /fivem/fivem application data/
    Note: The lm-config.xml file must be placed in your /fivem/fivem application data/ folder (NOT in the plugins folder)


Yeah, I found a out what was wrong. I launched my FiveM with Windows start and then searching it. But that launched FiveM that was located in my appdata/local. But I thought it launched in MyGames/FiveM. And I had my mods installed there. So yeah. Fixed that. Thanks for helping everyone! Cya!