How To Add Liveries?


How do i add liveries to a server? Im trying to add [Release] Admin Car Livery I have the doge charger from


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its not even modding discussion either, this should be posted in the “Admin Car Livery” topic


Every car comes with a .ytd file, each car also has it’s own, unique, template. You need to either convert the livery to fit that template using Photoshop (or any editing software) or if it’s for that template, open OpenIV, go to tools at the top, open file in texture editor, and replace the skin in the file’s .ytd. After saving that just upload it and replace the stock file.


I can put car skins on for you if you want me to…


Hey can you please help me and a buddy on our server?

We need some all White CHP Skins we don’t have any of them and are wanting to get some more skins for the Highway Patrol Pack that is non els and want to make an extra template for every car in that pack so we can have a polar bear for each skin and then also needing you to help us do the original admin car skin that the origin of this message was created by above again our discord is

our server owner is X13 Laser.


Not gonna promise anything cause I’m kind of unsure of what the request is, but I’ll join and chat with y’all.


Ok what your name when you join?


This is not even a fivem thing but gta in general, just watch or


Thanks a lot, it helped :slight_smile:


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