How remove id/name from player



How do I remove the ID on the people’s head on the fivem server?


If you’re using Lamba menu then go into settings and turn off overhead names.


Have RP server are no player can use Lamba meny.
I’ve had that menu before and know how it works but want and remove id, names over the head of every person on my server.
Hope you could help me or know about someone.


Some resources do that, use the search function and have a look :wink:


Okey thanks.:smiley:


Hope someone could have helped me with this, if they know how or have a link so thank i get all the help I get.


Seriously, if you’d just used the search bar you would have found it immediately.


If running a newer server version there’s a resource called player Ames which should solve your issues.


Stop the resource “playernames” from starting in your server.cfg


I have searched but do not know the correct place and by the correct name*


dude that helped me thank you