How I can find my ip port for my server?


I whant to know the ip port to connect on the direct connect but I do not know were to find it?

Sorry for my bad Anglish.


It’s English. And go to


I am sorry I am a french guy so you understand that my English is relly bad.


That’s fine. If you go to it shows the IP you need.


I am sorry but I tried the ipchicken and it show me the server but when I go to FiveM nothing I am not capable of finding my server.


That is my server page, I want to know if everything is all right.


If you’re hosting the server on your local machine (computer) and you want to connect, use then direct connect:

Enter localhost:30120 or


what if someone else wants to connect and i gave them my ipchicken ip but they didnt see the server? already port forwarded


Then u give ip:port,

For example


Thats what i did and it didnt work but ty.

I actually found the problem. My router/modem combo uses instead of the external ip, so forwarding wouldnt work even if i did everything right. It works now altho this is for Motorola SGsthsth (forgot model number)


How did you fix it?
because im really struggling with the same issue