How do you translate jobs and stuff?



Hi, i recently downloaded esx_mafiajob. I have been trying to translate it from the “en.lua” file in “locales” map, But when i translate something in that file and then try it on the server it says something like: locale [en] does not exist. Am i doing it the wrong way, if so how do you translate it?


Easy fix bro Here I’ll walk you threw it :slight_smile:

So first go into your local folder for the mafiajob.
Then what you are going to need to do is
Find what you want USUALLY it says local [en]id_card[does not exist]
all you have to do is add it here

[‘id_card’] = ‘iD Card’,

then bam Your good
if its not picking up your local en file
be sure your resource is calling for it


I had to use Notepad ++ instead of brackets. Problem is solved :slight_smile:


Sublime text is also good