How do I



I was wondering … I’ve been looking around for a while and I’ve noticed ive found nothing on what I have been looking for; I wanted to make a FiveM server and I’ve got close, yet I don’t know how to go any further.
I bought a server through a host (Gtx Gaming) and now I can’t find any tutorials on how to go further and develop my server?

Does anyone have any ideas?


Go to the #development:releases section and install some scripts from there. If you plan to start coding then have a look at the #development:tutorials section


Thank you for your response, but installing scripts are the easy part. I just don’t know how to implement them into the server or make the server join able on the server list.


Add the resource through FTP, then add “start [resourcename]” in your server.cfg

It already is once you start the server, to change the name change the “hostname” in the server.cfg


I’ve got mods down, but whenever I try to connect to the server on the server list it doesn’t show?


Is announce enabled?