How do i make my server have 265 ++ Resource



how do i make my server have 265 big resource file ?
every resource i add doesnt have any error
but when i add to much resource my five m will crash in loading screen
if i want to fix it i have to delete the other resource untill i have 263 resource
i mean if i add some resource untill 263 ++ it will make my server crash in loading screen

how do i make my server can run properly if i have somany resource
please help me
cause i see REDlineRp have 350+ resource without any crash
and somany server have 300++ Resource in their server
what i must do
if everything all about specification
what kind specification pc i would use to run my server


That’s because you probably have 263 resources which aren’t all coded well and are causing crashes. Ever wonder why the pinned servers with only up to 5 or so custom resources run really smoothly?


my server run smoothly, if i add somany cars again it will make my server crash on loading screen and error say RAGE ERROR , i clearly doesnt have error , or i have to upgrade my specification pc ?
sorry for bad english


i check 1 by 1 resource its clearly fine , but if i add some file they just have limit 263 :frowning:



Pick one.


whoah thanks i will try it <3


omg, I’m not seeing this

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