How do i install scripts/mods?


I’ thinking about buying a Server (maybe tomorow) but my question is
Can i just install like .asi files and scripts or do i have to code them on my own?
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I suggest to not buy anything until you are comfortable with creating and using a server.

I suggest you consult the documentation site It has sections that tell you how to setup a server and how to create a basic script. There are also many tutorials on #development:tutorials and #server-development:server-tutorials that will be of use.

A lot of times players want to start their own server but underestimate the hard work that goes in to it. It’s not as easy as just “plug 'n play”.

As for .asi mods: those are client sided mods. Only a select number of those moods would work on a multiplayer server. All other mods you get on sites like (i.e .dll extensions) do not work and need to be heavily modified for use in FiveM.


so if all my friends would install .asi mods would they work? like OpenAllInteriors?


As far as I’m aware, OpenAllInteriors does NOT work in multiplayer FiveM.

You would need something like [RELEASE] Fix holes in the map on your server.


Ok thank you for the answers :smiley: