How do i install custom peds?


Hey! I have installed some Peds for Police but i dont know how to install them correctly i have done the same as for cars, (made a folder called stream, __resource.lua) but the problem is they are not working, and i dont know what to put in the __resource.lua… Someone can help me??


It’s already somewhere on the forums, use the search function and you will find the tutorial.


I tried… m8 and nothing


Have you tried this?


I couldnt find it…


Hi I am quite lost here I have tried a ped just for fun to try and learn how to add it, for some reason it wont find it and I dont know why? I have provided some files/__resource.lua (152 Bytes)
ped.meta (4.7 KB)

This is the one i am trying to do as a little project for myself. Thanks in advance for any advice, and yes I have added it to start.cfg resource. Thanks