How do I add emojis to my server name



I cant find a way to add emojis into my servers name. I’ve tried doing what discord does and use the colons and that doesn’t work Ive also tried copying them off the internet and putting them in there but they turn into question marks. Please tell me how I do this lol.

Thank you!


Look for emojis online and copy them, then paste them into your server.cfg file.


That doesn’t work it turns them into question marks. I’ve heard you have to use the utf-8 character for it accept I can’t find em.


Try using Notepad++ if you’re not already. You should then be able to save as UTF-8


Click here

Add them to your steam name.



He’s trying to add emoji’s to his server name (sv_hostname in server.cfg), not his steam name.


That worked! Thank you!


which code did u use to put them in?