How do i add an admin that uses social club version?



GTA V version? 1.41
Up to date? yes
Legit or Pirate copy? legit
Steam/CD/Social Club? SC
Windows version? 8.1 and 10

I honestly just need to know the identifier string that will allow me to add myself as an admin as i use socialclub not steam


Waait a second you use your social club account to join fivem servers and not an steam account?


yes, bc i dont have the steam version.


if i used my steamid even though i bought sc version will it still work?


Well i have the CD version but i use my steam account to play on servers, thats the easiest to use. If you can use it i can help u alot quicker


Yes it will. Atleast 99% use steam even thow they bought it somehwere else.


ok thanks alot


Also if u still need help just come back here and i will help you :wink: (if it’s kinda the same if it’s not start another topic :wink: )


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