How do i add a admins?



I’ve been busy making a zombie survival server for the past few hours so I’ve also turned it off that people can use their menu. As an Owner I would of course like to use the menus myself. I have already tried to add myself as admin but I still can not use a menu. am I doing something wrong? if so what do I have to do? and how do you add more


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As far as only server admins being able to use menus, I know the certain server-sided menus allow you to change/edit who has certain features… However, the base FXServer doesn’t really have many ‘admin’ options… I would suggest using something like Mello Trainer, since it allows custom permissions.

You can also use Easy Admin, if you want simple administrative controls.


with Rcon F8 you can Ban Kick and send MSGes even if your not ingame so in the server.cfg you should have a spot that says Steam and you paste your over there.