How can I report a server that is selling VIP for the players?


There is a brazilian server that is selling VIP, there is 2 plans… silver and gold, the prices goes from R$10 to R$15, you recieve 1M and 1.5M on the server when you buy it. It’s a RP server and it’s pretty unfair to sell things like these.

Sorry for my bad english, thanks for your attention.


not sure how this is a problem? its helping support the server, now if you could prove there profiting that would be a different story.


i think it’s a rule that you cannot sell anything…


Incorrect. You are allowed to sell things and even in game goods.

However, it’s not allowed to make profit from it. It may only be used to cover the cost you make when hosting a server.


thank you guys, i miss understood that part


There is a Brazilian sever called Infinity play whose sells vips as money background! and adm ban it without wanting to know why and what happened! Thanks for listening

Sorry for the english if you could do something like “take the sever out of the air”
Thank you


We already went over this in the Discord guild on 2 different channels, also if you read above… you’ll see that what they appear to be doing is not against the Terms of Service so there will be no action taken.