How can I install a really low graphic mod on fivem?


In gta online my pc can handle everything at a good frame rate,but when it comes abou fivem is just unplayable,I mean 20 fps.So my Ideea and question is if I can install a really low graphic mod,something like ENB.I already tried every kind of server but everywhere is the same…and I really like to do roleplay…
Any way,if you can help me sort this out I would be really greatful.
Thanks for the upcoming help.


Thing is most of the time its not fiveM’s fault per say, it just the server owners running 150+ scripts, and if your cpu cannot handle this, then you wont get good fps. just the way it is sadly. However, there are some mod changes that some server owners are prob gonna implement like faster MySQL Async and the like, that might improve your performance. But at the end of the day, if you are getting 40-60 fps on online and SP but only 20 on a fivem server, pretty sure its just that server, and inefficient scripts at that point.