How can i fix this rims texture problem


plz help


i know two possible solutions:
-add the tires textures to the vehshare.ytd, and add the vehshare in the stream folder, where your wheels and vehicles files are
-use the vanilla tires textures on your rims models.
Tell me if it fix the problem

Nice rims btw :wink:


i try put vehshare.ytd in my wheel folder but doenst worked


is that a rims pack that you designed or something that you downloaded?


I am downloaded form here


in instructions i noticed this:
Do that step, (only one of them) and place the freshly renamed vehshare.ytd where your wheels are.

Edit2: Don’t do that! files are too big, that will crash your game!! I will explore them and try to find what texture you need exactly tonight or tomorrow.

Missing Textures on wheels/cannot stream vehshare.ytd

Thx its working !!!


Oh that’s a very good new! Good to know because i don’t have any time this times!


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