How can I fix these error essentialmode?

error essentialmode
How can I fix that? I follow through this link: and I still got that error. I try to connect MySQL with FiveM 3 days ago then I stuck that part. And that link told me fs_freemode will be created when I run a server but it’s nothing.
I’ll try to follow on Youtubers and still can’t complete.

  1. I just need to setup esx for input mod
  2. I’m rookie.

Thanks for help

Update essentialmode. The current version is 6.2.2 and that error is fixed in the latest versions.


Is it necessary to use with zap-hosting? or not?

What does that even mean?

Sorry about my English is weak. I mean this link
Can I update to my server by follow that link?

Well…yeah…that’s why it’s there. Would there be a reason you can’t?

I thought it’s only able for zap-hosting user. I’ll try again at night. Thank you so much <3

Hello again, hope you can help me :slight_smile:
I’ve got a new problem, now I already put essentialmode 6.2.2 to my server then it can’t be load. It’s stuck on load screen (48/49)
I try about 5-6 times with but still can’t

Don’t think it’s related to essentialmode.

Can you tell me what is that part I’m going to more concern?

I don’t know what resources you have nor do I want to. You are the only one that can figure out the issue.