How can I change fivem accounts?



I logged in to a friend account and now I am stuck to it.
I uninstalled social/gtav/steam/fivem and still nothing works.
Is there even a way to change the account from fivem and give me the possibility to play with my friend on the same server?
I want to connect to my own account.


FiveM does not have any accounts, you are refering to Social Clubs account.

open your social club application and log out and then log into yours.

If you do not own the game you will have to buy it otherwise it still will not work for you.


Sry for the inconvenient, but me and my friend have the same problem. I have started playing in my pc with my account, than I bought a pc for himself (that can run GTA and / or FiveM) and tryed with my account on his pc. Now I have an account and a pc for him self, but now I can not log in with his new account and I can only play with mine.
I have problems when I am trying to join with him, have problems when I try to join other servers at the same time he is playing and HOPEFULLY will not have ANY PROBLEM when I will play GTA 5 online (without 5M).
Your problem seems to be practically the same, can you help me somehow?