How can i access the user's files?


hello , im trying to create a script to identify what client mods the user is using. would it be possible to do that via the “io” module?


Nope. You cannot access user’s files. I don’t know why you would. The client scripts are sandboxed specifically to stop us doing stuff we shouldn’t be (including the IO module).

Allowing this access would just lead a bunch of malicious scripts being created and used so, I doubt the devs will allow it in the future (unless they can limit the folders you can access).


Bullshit. Of course you fucking can idiot.

Yes, you very well could keep client-side files in order (however may unfeasible it may be).


Ok then, if you’re so smart explain how?


ignore him, he is on a crusade against FiveM, @Havoc’s answer was correct, i marked this as solved.


But… why?


Beats me


ok, thanks for the information, i guess we’ll just have to deal with trolls until someone creates a server sided els :slight_smile: