[HOW] Addon clientside



For a few days, my server works with a custom launcher where my players can have able to download different mod like coloredmap, custom texture, etc…
I have found how to modify current files of GTA but now, I would like to add custom file without replace another files (custom map for example).

I know FiveM control the number of DLC during the loading at once server and if the game load more DLC, the connection is canceled.

Anyone know the way to add custom file and how say at FiveM to read this file ?



Try using server sided mods as it allows for proper updates and makes sure everyone is using the same thing :smiley:


Yes but no, download the same resource at all connection is not a very good idea, mostly if the pack are very big…

My launcher make me sure everyone have mods :wink:


packs shouldnt be big vehicles, peds, and maps are all streamed why would you have a huge pack


My stream folder is around 100Mo.

Secondly, vehicules streamed add lot of desync in my server.

Finally, a little part of my community have a little connection so if the size of stream folder is more than 20Mo, they will be disconnected before the end of the loading.

The client side mod is the best way because they only have to download it one time, not at the all connections.


Anyone have an idea how to make that ?