Hosting panels for FiveM servers


I have a quick question to everyone, Do you think it would be again T.O.S to hosting a panel for servers. The panel would not have configurations that are prescripted, the clients would have to connect their servers to the hosting panel. Would you technically call this a GSP or do you think this would be agaisnt T.O.S of FiveM?

Sincerely, Marcus / Edelin


This is indeed against the ToS as far as I’m aware. The only CURRENTLY authorized GSP is @zap-hosting.


Do you mean like sell them the FiveM server?


I mean by providing a Game Panel service not only restricted to FiveM. This would allow people who have VPS / Dedicated boxes to be able to connect to my services and get support and setup help with their servers. They will have full access to their server just help from my staff / support. We will not preconfigure servers unless they download our preconfigured script which will not cost anyone anything because as soon as I get the script complete ill release it on the FiveM forums.