Honolulu Police Department [ELS] [NEW] | Anyone can be cop! | Based off Hawaii Five-0


Hello and welcome to Honolulu Police Department where we want to serve the best experience to players who love or like hawaii or would like to be in a community based off of The Show Hawaii fiveo :slight_smile: we want to bring that and other amazing things to our community :slight_smile:

We are open to applications: Police, Fire, EMS , Dispatch etc

Website (isn’t available atm)
ts3: (not working atm)

We also have the administration almost full as well as so many modified cars!!!

Some of the scripts:
car hud
DOJ like damage system
Aircraft & Ground Fuel system
essentialmode w/ es_admin
M Menu
/fix (fixes your vehicle)
/Discord (shows our discord server)
/ts3 (shows our teamspeak)
Eating & Drinking
Bank Robberies
Lock Vehicle Script


We hope you enjoy!!!

Honolulu Police Department Administration team

Staff Team:
Director: Steve Mcgarrett (aka me rhys19)
Deputy Director: Detective Danny Wiliams

My discord: Steve McGarrett#5629


Any pictures? I would love to see your cars!


Well i currently only have the bcso but i am putting in custom ones too that are based off HPD but i have danny’s car only it’s els i can take a pic rn



Looks good! Cant wait to see more!


and also don’t know how to get the els to work properly for some reason it will not work any suggestions would be good too. but thats why only blue lights show (and yes i added the car to config.lua)


Not exactly sure. Maybe re-install the ELS?


i am also making hpd cars based on this: https://www.gta5-mods.com/paintjobs/honolulu-police-cruiser


hmm i think its wierd because it works for the other cars i’ll try it